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The Adoption Guild of Southern California raises awareness and funds for HFS (Holy Family Services), a locally based adoption and foster care agency.


HFS is one of the largest adoption and foster care agencies in Southern California providing services to birth parents and prospective adoptive parents.


Licensed by the state of California, HFS meets strict regulations to handle adoptions of both newborns and older children for prospective adoptive families. Additionally, HFS helps individuals and families in becoming short-term foster parents.


A primary goal is to place children of all ages with an adoptive or foster family, and to be sure that all individuals are served, regardless of special needs, race, religion, sex or ethnic origin into loving, adoptive homes.


To date HFS has created 6,100 nurturing families through adoption. In addition to infant and toddler adoption, HFS provides placement services for older children who are victims of neglect and abuse.


More information on HFS


Bob and Dolores Hope
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